What is an Open Bite/Malocclusion??

Open Bite/Malocclusion is a condition whereby the teeth are not aligned properly. This condition can lead to some serious oral health problems. Malocclusion can prevent your teeth from performing the required functions. Occlusion is a term that is mostly used by orthodontics and other dental specialists. The term refers to the ideal condition where teeth should fit in your mouth without leaving spaces or crowding. Here are some of the features of malocclusion.

How to know you have malocclusion

-Spaces in your teeth

-Crowding of teeth

-Teeth rotation or twisting


The teeth on your upper jaw should fit on the grooves of the teeth on your lower jaw. If the teeth get misaligned, then you will probably experience dental issues.


To correct the condition and protect your lips and cheeks from getting bitten, you will probably need teeth alignment.

Which is also called orthodontists treatment.

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